For a wet shaver, life isn’t complete without a Moss Scuttle. The Moss Scuttle is an ingenious design of a wet shaving scuttle that arrived through my fax machine one winter from Dr. Chris Moss of Tatamagouche.The design came with a request to make one which I gladly did, oblivious at that time that there were any souls out there that used a brush and/or a straight razor to shave.

Chris was delighted when I delivered the first one and said “I have 800 friends”. His posting of the scuttle on proved that wasn’t an idle boast and generated an enormous interest from around the world. Chris also asked that I send a scuttle to Corey Greenberg of, which resulted in a rave review and instructions on how to use the scuttle.

To make a scuttle requires a month from start to finish. Each scuttle is individually hand thrown by me, then dried, fired, glazed and refired to almost 2300° F.

Click here to read Chris Moss’ instructions.

All pieces are made by hand and will vary in both size and glazing.


Scuttle approximate dimensions (except Texan): inner bowl 2.5″ w. x 1.75″ d.(small) | inner bowl 3.25″ w. x 1.75″ d. (large). Scuttle and inner bowl are one piece. Prices are in Canadian dollars and exclude shipping, handling, insurance and taxes.

Here’s just some of the feedback

“I just wanted to write back to you about how satisfied I am with the scuttle. It’s beautiful and has been working great. Thank you for such an excellent piece of art and craftsmanship.”
– Carlos P.

“Thank you so much for this product. It adds significantly to my shaving outcome and enjoyment.”
– John M., Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

“After using this thing [scuttle] for a week, I never want to shave without one again. It’s that simple.”
– Corey G.

“Package arrived today. Exceeds all expectations. The whiskers are quivering with anticipation. Thanks”

-Michael P.

Special Orders

If you have a special request for an item you don’t see here, Sara can discuss possibilities with you! Simply send me a message on our contact page.

Ayars Lather Bowl collection exclusively from Sara Bonnyman

The Ayars Lather Bowl was designed by Jim Ayars of Vintage Blades. The bottom of the bowl has slight ridges to help build a full, luxurious lather.

The support of the wet shaving community has been beyond my wildest expectations, thank you! I will continue to ship orders on a first-come-first-served basis.

* * * * *

“I recently purchased two of your lather bowls. They are incredibly efficient and the best I have ever used in 50 years of wet shaving. ”
Thomas M., CA

“The concentric circles at the bottom retain a little water and make building lather much better! Your work is much talked about on Badger and Blade, but the pieces even exceeded my high expectations ”
Tom S.