Welcome to my world of handmade functional stoneware pottery and hooked rugs. I have a passion to throw pots and I share the age old belief that the true joy of handmade pottery is in holding it, feeling the spirit of the clay as it holds for whatever small pleasure you have chosen to use the pot. Dinnerware, ovenware and, of course, the famous Moss Scuttle are designed for practical, every-day use.  I ship worldwide.

I’m also proud to say that all of the electricity I use to make pots is wind generated.  We are the only town in Nova Scotia to be able to make that claim  – when the wind blows.  Since Tatamagouche is on the ocean surrounded by hills, the wind blows often!

In summer, I throw pots most weekday mornings, so if you happen to find yourself in the Tatamagouche area, you are more than welcome to come in and share the magic and tour my pottery workshop.